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Statement of CECC Chairman Christopher Smith and Cochairman Sherrod Brown on the Trial and Sentencing of Chen Kegui

Congressional-Executive Commission on China

November 30, 2012

(Washington, DC)¡ªToday we are deeply dismayed to learn that authorities have sentenced Chen Kegui, nephew of renowned legal advocate Chen Guangcheng, to more than three years in prison, in a trial marred from beginning to end by glaring procedural violations. Authorities' treatment of this case raises serious questions about the rule of law in China.

Under Chinese law, Mr. Chen has a right to family visitation and access to legal counsel of his own choice, and yet authorities have prohibited visits from either his family or his lawyers for the duration of his detention. Mr. Chen also has a right under Chinese law to a fair and open trial. Instead, authorities gave Chen's family only hours' notice before the trial began, did not permit family members to enter the courtroom, and allowed only government-appointed lawyers to defend Chen, instead of the lawyers his family had formally retained. No witnesses of Chen's alleged crime were permitted to attend the trial.

We also remain deeply concerned about Chen Kegui's condition, recalling clearly the mistreatment that his uncle Chen Guangcheng and other family members have endured when in official custody. The Chinese government must guarantee his safety and well-being, and ensure that his fundamental rights are fully protected.

We remind the Chinese government that it has not yet fulfilled its promise to investigate the illegal actions taken against Chen Guangcheng, and we reiterate our calls for a thorough investigation and prompt punishment of injustices committed against Chen and his family at the hands of officials.


Source: -See Summary (2012-12-03 ) | Posted on: 2012-12-03  
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